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  • Release Date : 2015-09-01
  • Publisher : New York Review of Books
  • Genre : History
  • Rating : 4.5/5 (91 Download)

Read and Download Sasha Abramsky book The House of Twenty Thousand Books in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe House of Twenty Thousand Books. This book was released on 2015-09-01 with total page 368 pages. Book excerpt: Named one of Kirkus's Best Nonfiction Books of 2015 The House of Twenty Thousand Books is the story of Chimen Abramsky, an extraordinary polymath and bibliophile who amassed a vast collection of socialist literature and Jewish history. For more than fifty years Chimen and his wife, Miriam, hosted epic gatherings in their house of books that brought together many of the age’s greatest thinkers. The atheist son of one of the century’s most important rabbis, Chimen was born in 1916 near Minsk, spent his early teenage years in Moscow while his father served time in a Siberian labor camp for religious proselytizing, and then immigrated to London, where he discovered the writings of Karl Marx and became involved in left-wing politics. He briefly attended the newly established Hebrew University in Jerusalem, until World War II interrupted his studies. Back in England, he married, and for many years he and Miriam ran a respected Jewish bookshop in London’s East End. When the Nazis invaded Russia in June 1941, Chimen joined the Communist Party, becoming a leading figure in the party’s National Jewish Committee. He remained a member until 1958, when, shockingly late in the day, he finally acknowledged the atrocities committed by Stalin. In middle age, Chimen reinvented himself once more, this time as a liberal thinker, humanist, professor, and manuscripts’ expert for Sotheby’s auction house. Journalist Sasha Abramsky re-creates here a lost world, bringing to life the people, the books, and the ideas that filled his grandparents’ house, from gatherings that included Eric Hobsbawm and Isaiah Berlin to books with Marx’s handwritten notes, William Morris manuscripts and woodcuts, an early sixteenth-century Bomberg Bible, and a first edition of Descartes’s Meditations. The House of Twenty Thousand Books is a wondrous journey through our times, from the vanished worlds of Eastern European Jewry to the cacophonous politics of modernity. The House of Twenty Thousand Books includes 43 photos.

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Read and Download Sophie Scott-Brown book The Histories of Raphael Samuel in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Histories of Raphael Samuel. This book was released on 2017-05-12 with total page 265 pages. Book excerpt: In the first integrated biographical study of his work, this book situates British historian Raphael Samuel (1934–1996) in relation to his distinctive form of activist politics as they developed from youthful Cold War communism to the first British New Left, 1960s radicalism to the 1980s history wars. As the catalyst behind the History Workshop movement, Samuel championed the democratisation of history-making and practised an eclectic form of people’s history in his own work. His unique approach was controversial, drawing impassioned responses from across the ideological spectrum, the most sustained critique often coming from his left-wing contemporaries. It is argued here that this compelling figure has been unjustly neglected and that he continues to offer important insights into the politics of history-making in a post-Marxist world.

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Read and Download Doug Munro book Clio’s Lives in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TClio’s Lives. This book was released on 2017-10-09 with total page 315 pages. Book excerpt: Including contributions from leading scholars in the field from both Australia and North America, this collection explores diverse approaches to writing the lives of historians and ways of assessing the importance of doing so. Beginning with the writing of autobiographies by historians, the volume then turns to biographical studies, both of historians whose writings were in some sense nation-defining and those who may be regarded as having had a major influence on defining the discipline of history. The final section explores elements of collective biography, linking these to the formation of historical networks. A concluding essay by Barbara Caine offers a critical appraisal of the study of historians’ biographies and autobiographies to date, and maps out likely new directions for future work. Clio’s Lives is a very good scholarly collection that advances the study of autobiography and biography within the writing of history itself, taking theoretical questions in significant new directions. The contributors are well known and highly respected in the history profession and write with an insight and intellectual energy that will ensure the book has considerable impact. They examine cutting-edge issues about the writing of history at the personal level through autobiography and biography in diverse and innovative ways. Together the writers have provided reflective chapters that will be widely read for their impressive theoretical advances as well as being inspirational for new entrants to the disciplinary area. — Patricia Grimshaw, University of Melbourne Clio’s Lives brings together a most interesting and varied cast of contributors. Its chapters contain sophisticated and well-penned ruminations on the uses of biography and autobiography among historians. These are clearly connected with the general themes of the volume. This delightfully mixed bag makes very good reading and, as well, will serve as a substantial contribution to the study of the biography and autobiography. — Eric Richards, Flinders University

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  • Publisher : Sezai ARLI
  • Genre : Art
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Read and Download Sezai ARLI book Underlined While Reading-3 in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TUnderlined While Reading-3. This book was released on with total page pages. Book excerpt: I was born in December 1954 or January 1955 (‘when the first snow fell’) as the third child of a Kurdish family living in a remote village of Eastern Turkey. My father died of tuberculosis at the age of 31 when I was six years old. My mother was 34, never married again, dedicated her life to her children. From the moment I learned how to read and write I became a passionate reader of the books; books of literature, books of history, books of travel, books of philosophy, books of memoirs, books of biographies, books of politics… This book contains some of the excerpts that I noted while reading. Excerpts of wisdom and reflection from Barack Obama to Haji Ali (Nurmadhar of Korphe Village in Karakoram) from Edward Gibbon to Abdul Sattar Edhi (Pakistani Philanthropist). Excerpts on life, on love, on humanity, on civilization, on courage, on art, on ideas, on faith, on democracy, on freedom, on nations, on education, on war, on peace... Just a few short examples: For only in death are we alone-Rabindranath Tagore *** Sir, that all who are happy, are equally happy, is not true. A peasant and a philosopher may be equally satisfied, but not equally happy. Happiness consists in the multiplicity of agreeable consciousness-Samuel Jonson *** Serious literature is no less of a life preserver, even if the society is all but oblivious of it-Philip Roth *** It bothers me a little that at 99 you’re going to die any minute, because I have a lot of other things I want to do-Delmer Berg Sezai Arli Doha, November 2020

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Read and Download Sasha Abramsky book Jumping at Shadows in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TJumping at Shadows. This book was released on 2017-09-05 with total page 336 pages. Book excerpt: Why is an unarmed young black woman who knocks on a stranger's front door to ask for help after her car breaks down perceived to be so threatening that he shoots her dead? Why do we fear infrequent acts of terrorism more far more common acts of violence? Why does a disease like Ebola, which killed only a handful of Americans, provoke panic, whereas the flu--which kills tens of thousands each year--is dismissed with a yawn? Jumping at Shadows is Sasha Abramsky's searing account of America's most dangerous epidemic: irrational fear. Taking readers on a dramatic journey through a divided nation, where everything from immigration to disease, gun control to health care has become fodder for fearmongers and conspiracists, he delivers an eye-popping analysis of our misconceptions about risk and threats. What emerges is a shocking portrait of a political and cultural landscape that is, increasingly, defined by our worst fears and rampant anxieties. Ultimately, Abramsky shows that how we calculate risk and deal with fear can teach us a great deal about ourselves, exposing deeply ingrained strains of racism, classism, and xenophobia within our culture, as well as our growing susceptibility to the toxic messages of demagogues.

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Read and Download John Green book A Political Family in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TA Political Family. This book was released on 2017-03-27 with total page 356 pages. Book excerpt: The Kuczynskis were a German-Jewish family of active anti-fascists who worked assiduously to combat the rise of Nazism before and during the course of the Second World War. This book focuses on the family of Robert and his wife Berta – both born two decades before the end of the nineteenth century – and their six children, five of whom became communists and one who worked as a Soviet agent. The parents, and later their children, rejected and rebelled against their comfortable bourgeois heritage and devoted their lives to the overthrow of privilege and class society. They chose to do this in a Germany that was rapidly moving in the opposite direction. With the rise of German nationalism and then Hitler fascism, the family was confronted with stark choices and, as a result of making these choices, suffered persecution and exile. Revealing how these experiences shaped their outlook and perception of events, this book documents the story of the Kuczynskis for the first time in the English language and is a fascinating biographical portrait of a unique and radical family.

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Read and Download Geoff Andrews book The Shadow Man in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Shadow Man. This book was released on 2015-09-07 with total page 288 pages. Book excerpt: James Klugmann appears as a shadowy figure in the legendary history of the Cambridge spies. As both mentor and friend to Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess and others, Klugmann was the man who manipulated promising recruits deemed ripe for conversion to the communist cause. This perception of him was reinforced following the release of his MI5 file and the disclosure of Soviet intelligence files in Moscow, which revealed he played the key part in the recruitment of John Cairncross, the 'fifth man', as well as his pivotal war-time role in the Special Operations Executive in shifting Churchill and the allies to support Tito and the communist partisans in Yugoslavia. In this book, Geoff Andrews reveals Klugmann's story in full for the first time, uncovering the motivations, conflicts and illusions of those drawn into the world of communism and the sacrifices they made on its behalf.

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  • Release Date : 1870
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Read and Download book The First and Second Books of the Chronicles in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe First and Second Books of the Chronicles. This book was released on 1870 with total page 144 pages. Book excerpt:

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Read and Download Gore Vidal book Palimpsest in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TPalimpsest. This book was released on 2021-11-16 with total page 512 pages. Book excerpt: Vidal on Vidal—a great and supremely entertaining writer on a great and endlessly fascinating subject. A New York Times best American memoir “In the hands of Gore Vidal, a pen is a sword. And he points it at the high and mighty who have crossed his path.” —Los Angeles Times Palimpsest is Gore Vidal's account of the first thirty-nine years of his life as a novelist, dramatist, critic, political activist and candidate, screenwriter, television commentator, controversialist, and a man who knew pretty much everybody worth knowing (from Amelia Earhart to Eleanor Roosevelt, the Duke and the Duchess of Windsor, Jack Kennedy, Jaqueline Kennedy, Jack Kerouac, Truman Capote, Andre Gide, and Tennessee Williams, and on and on). Here, recalled with the charm and razor wit of one of the great raconteurs of our time, are his birth into a DC political clan; his school days; his service in World War II; his emergence as a literary wunderkind in New York; his time in Hollywood, London, Paris and Rome; his campaign for Congress (outpolling JFK in his district); and his legendary feuds with, among many others, Truman Capote and William F. Buckley. At the emotional heart of this book is his evocation of his first and greatest love, boyhood friend Jimmy Trimble, killed in battle on Iwo Jima.

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  • Release Date : 2014-04-08
  • Publisher : Hachette UK
  • Genre : History
  • Rating : 4.3/5 (68 Download)

Read and Download Martin Goldsmith book Alex's Wake in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TAlex's Wake. This book was released on 2014-04-08 with total page 352 pages. Book excerpt: Alex's Wake is a tale of two parallel journeys undertaken seven decades apart. In the spring of 1939, Alex and Helmut Goldschmidt were two of more than 900 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany aboard the St. Louis, “the saddest ship afloat” (New York Times). Turned away from Cuba, the United States, and Canada, the St. Louis returned to Europe, a stark symbol of the world's indifference to the gathering Holocaust. The Goldschmidts disembarked in France, where they spent the next three years in six different camps before being shipped to their deaths in Auschwitz. In the spring of 2011, Alex's grandson, Martin Goldsmith, followed in his relatives' footsteps on a six-week journey of remembrance and hope, an irrational quest to reverse their fate and bring himself peace. Alex's Wake movingly recounts the detailed histories of the two journeys, the witnesses Martin encounters for whom the events of the past are a vivid part of a living present, and an intimate, honest attempt to overcome a tormented family legacy.

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Read and Download William Emery Barnes book The Books of Chronicles in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Books of Chronicles. This book was released on 1899 with total page 303 pages. Book excerpt:

Download The Books of Chronicles PDF

Read and Download William Alexander Leslie Elmslie book The Books of Chronicles in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Books of Chronicles. This book was released on 1916 with total page 362 pages. Book excerpt:

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Read and Download Bernard Coleridge Baron Coleridge book The Story of a Devonshire House in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Story of a Devonshire House. This book was released on 1905 with total page 329 pages. Book excerpt: A historical account of the family of Coleridge of Devonshire between 1600 and 1905, including that portion of the family which became part of the nobility as the "House of Coleridge." Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), the famous poet, was part of the family.

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  • Release Date : 1913
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  • Genre : Gardening
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Read and Download book The Garden Magazine in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Garden Magazine. This book was released on 1913 with total page pages. Book excerpt:

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Read and Download William Tyler Miller book Garden & Home Builder in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TGarden & Home Builder. This book was released on 1913 with total page pages. Book excerpt:

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Read and Download book The School Journal in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe School Journal. This book was released on 1899 with total page pages. Book excerpt: