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Read and Download Giorgia Grilli book Myth, Symbol, and Meaning in Mary Poppins in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMyth, Symbol, and Meaning in Mary Poppins. This book was released on 2013-10-18 with total page 224 pages. Book excerpt: The Mary Poppins that many people know of today--a stern, but sweet, loveable, and reassuring British nanny--is a far cry from the character created by Pamela Lyndon Travers in the 1930's. Instead, this is the Mary Poppins reinvented by Disney in the eponymous movie. This book sheds light on the original Mary Poppins, Myth, Symbol, and Meaning in Mary Poppins is the only full-length study that covers all the Mary Poppins books, exposing just how subversive the pre-Disney Mary Poppins character truly was. Drawing important parallels between the character and the life of her creator, who worked as a governess herself, Grilli reveals the ways in which Mary Poppins came to unsettle the rigid and rigorous rules of Victorian and Edwardian society that most governesses embodied, taught, and passed on to their charges.

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  • Publisher : HarperCollins Children's Books
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Read and Download P. L. Travers book Mary Poppins in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMary Poppins. This book was released on 2018-11 with total page 192 pages. Book excerpt: An exquisite flagship gift edition of an iconic classic, illustrated by the current Waterstones Children's Laureate, Lauren Child. When Mary Poppins arrives at their house on a gust of the East Wind and slides up the bannister, Jane and Michael Banks's lives are turned magically upside down. Who better to reimagine this endearing children's classic than today's most instantly recognisable and best-loved artist-illustrator? Lauren Child brings the magic of Mary Poppins into the hearts and imagination of readers and fans new and old. First published in 1964, Mary Poppins has been delighting readers ever since, both in books and on film. This stunning deluxe edition is published ahead of the release of the hotly anticipated Disney film Mary Poppins Returns.

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Read and Download Valerie Lawson book Mary Poppins, She Wrote in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMary Poppins, She Wrote. This book was released on 2013-12-03 with total page 416 pages. Book excerpt: The remarkable life of P.L. Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins. An arresting life…Lawson is superb at excavating the details. –Library Journal The spellbinding stories of Mary Poppins, the quintessentially English and utterly magical nanny, have been loved by generations. She flew into the lives of the unsuspecting Banks family in a children’s book that was instantly hailed as a classic, then became a household name when Julie Andrews stepped into the title role in Walt Disney’s hugely successful and equally classic film. But the Mary Poppins in the stories was not the cheery film character. She was tart and sharp, plain and vain. She was a remarkable character. The story of Mary Poppins’ creator, as this definitive biography reveals, is equally remarkable. The fabulous English nanny was actually conceived by an Australian, Pamela Lyndon Travers, who came to London in 1924 from Queensland as a journalist. She became involved with Theosophy, traveled in the literary circles of W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot, and became a disciple of the famed spiritual guru, Gurdjieff. She famously clashed with Walt Disney over the adaptation of the Mary Poppins books into film. Travers, whom Disney accused of vanity for “thinking you know more about Mary Poppins than I do,” was as tart and opinionated as Julie Andrews’s big-screen Mary Poppins was cheery. Yet it was a love of mysticism and magic that shaped Travers’s life as well as the character of Mary Poppins. The clipped, strict, and ultimately mysterious nanny who emerged from her pen was the creation of someone who remained inscrutable and enigmatic to the end of her ninety-six years. Valerie Lawson’s illuminating biography provides the first full look whose personal journey is as intriguing as her beloved characters.

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Read and Download Pamela Lyndon Travers book Mary Poppins in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMary Poppins. This book was released on 2014 with total page 1027 pages. Book excerpt: Describes the many adventures of the extraordinary English nanny and her charges, Jane and Michael.

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  • Release Date : 2019-01-09
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Read and Download book Mary Poppins in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMary Poppins. This book was released on 2019-01-09 with total page 20 pages. Book excerpt: Des aventures, de l'humour, de la tendresse, des découvertes. De nouvelles histoires à lire, mais aussi à écouter ! Retrouve toute la magie des chefs-d'oeuvre de Walt Disney à travers la célèbre histoire de Mary Poppins, l'excentrique nounou de Michael et Jane, ainsi que ses amis l'Oncle Albert et Bert.

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Read and Download book Contemporary Fairy-Tale Magic in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TContemporary Fairy-Tale Magic. This book was released on 2020-01-13 with total page 358 pages. Book excerpt: Contemporary Fairy-Tale Magic studies the impact of fairy tales on contemporary cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective, with special emphasis on how literature and film are retelling classic fairy tales for modern audiences.

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Read and Download William Anthony Sheppard book Sondheim in Our Time and His in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TSondheim in Our Time and His. This book was released on 2022-02-25 with total page 457 pages. Book excerpt: Sondheim in Our Time and His offers a wide-ranging historical investigation of the landmark works and extraordinary career of Stephen Sondheim, a career which has spanned much of the history of American musical theater. Each author uncovers those aspects of biography, collaborative process, and contemporary context that impacted the creation and reception of Sondheim's musicals. In addition, several authors explore in detail how Sondheim's shows have been dramatically revised and adapted over time. Multiple chapters invite the reader to rethink Sondheim's works from a distinctly contemporary critical perspective and to consider how these musicals are being reenvisioned today. Through chapters focused on individual musicals, and others that explore a specific topic as manifested throughout his entire career, plus an afterword by Kristen Anderson-Lopez; by digging deep into the archives and focusing intently on his scores; from interviews with performers, directors, and bookwriters, and close study of live and recorded productions--volume editor W. Anthony Sheppard brings together Sondheim's past with the present, thriving existence of his musicals.

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Read and Download Library of Congress. Copyright Office book Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TCatalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series. This book was released on 1967 with total page 1262 pages. Book excerpt: Includes Part 1, Number 2: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals July - December)

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Read and Download P. L. Travers book Mary Poppins in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMary Poppins. This book was released on 2018 with total page 37 pages. Book excerpt: A picture book adaptation of the tale of the English nanny Mary Poppins, who enters the lives of the Banks family and upends its usual routines.

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Read and Download R. Reginald book Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TScience Fiction and Fantasy Literature. This book was released on 2010-09 with total page 800 pages. Book excerpt: Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, A Checklist, 1700-1974, Volume one of Two, contains an Author Index, Title Index, Series Index, Awards Index, and the Ace and Belmont Doubles Index.

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Read and Download Pamela Lyndon Travers book Mary Poppins in the Park in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMary Poppins in the Park. This book was released on 2006-05-18 with total page 282 pages. Book excerpt: More adventures of Mary Poppins, Michael, Jane, the twins, and baby Annabel.

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Read and Download P. L. Travers book Mary Poppins in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TMary Poppins. This book was released on 2010 with total page 767 pages. Book excerpt: The first four classic books about the beloved nanny Mary Poppins--who is practically perfect in every way--are now available in these specially refurbished editions that feature the charming original cover artwork by Mary Shepard.

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Read and Download Annie North Bedford book Walt Disney's Mary Poppins (Disney Classics) in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TWalt Disney's Mary Poppins (Disney Classics). This book was released on 2016-01-12 with total page 0 pages. Book excerpt: Even a simple outing becomes extraordinary when you're with the wonderful Mary Poppins! Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this vintage Little Golden Book from 1964 that retells a scene from Walt Disney's Mary Poppins.


Read and Download Kazachiner Olena, Boychuk Yuriy, Halii Alla book FAIRY-TALE THERAPY: SCIENTIFIC AND METHODICAL ASPECTS in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TFAIRY-TALE THERAPY: SCIENTIFIC AND METHODICAL ASPECTS. This book was released on 2022-09-19 with total page 143 pages. Book excerpt: In our distant childhood, mothers and grandmothers told us fairy tales, not suspecting, perhaps, that by doing so they used one of the most effective methods of psychological correction – fairy-tale therapy. A fairy tale is a means of introducing a child to the world of human destinies, to history; this is the «golden key» to changing the environment, its creative, constructive transformation. The child half lives in an imaginary, unreal world, and not just lives, but actively acts in it, rebuilding it and himself. It is from this treasury that he draws information about the reality that he does not yet know, the features of the future, about which he still does not know how to think [12]. Surprisingly simple, but at the same time instructive stories were breathtaking, plunging the world of dragons, woodpeckers, brownies, beautiful princesses and evil witches. Are these simple stories simple, as it seems at first glance? Is it just an entertainment tool or a universal educational program that helps children to settle in this difficult world? The process of fairy tale therapy allows the child to actualize and realize his problems, as well as to see different ways to solve them [12, p. 84]. A fairy tale metaphor, due to its inherent special properties, turns out to be a way of building mutual understanding between children, an attitude towards oneself as an individual. In fairy tales you can find a complete list of human problems and ways to solve them. Fairy stories contain information about the dynamics of life processes. Therefore, a fairy tale can give a symbolic warning about how the situation will develop, which is important in corrective work [118, p. 35]. K.I.Chukovsky believed that the purpose of a fairy tale «is to educate a child in humanity – this marvelous ability to worry about other people's misfortunes, to rejoice in the joys of another, to experience someone else's fate as one's own. After all, a fairy tale improves, enriches and humanizes the child's psyche, since a child listening to a fairy tale feels like an active participant in it and always identifies with those of its characters who fight for justice, goodness, and freedom». A fairy tale is a means of working with the inner world of a child, surprising in terms of the strength of its psychological impact, a powerful tool for development. It is the psychological content of fairy tales, the symbolic reflection of psychological phenomena that make folk tales an indispensable tool for influencing a person [12]. A school psychologist constantly asks himself two questions: «What? » and «How?». In the sense that every day, in the case of providing psychological assistance to a child, a specialist tries to figure out what is actually happening and how to help a small client overcome the difficulties that have arisen. Searching for the answer to the question «what? » are carried out with the help of various methods of psychodiagnostics, observation, conversations with parents and teachers, etc. But when the answer to the first question becomes more or less clear, the question «how? » arises with all its cast-iron simplicity and inaccessibility. At this stage, many school psychologists, unfortunately, give in, because it is necessary to move from diagnostics to full of surprises and risk, the path of psychocorrection and psychotherapy. The enrichment of practical psychology with new means of effective work with children, provided, in particular, by such a direction as fairy tale therapy, is a gratifying fact of the last decade. Now to the notorious question «how? » found one of the beautiful and effective answers. The developing and psychotherapeutic potential of fairy tales, for all its obviousness, was not used enough by the practical psychology of education. But fairy tale therapy is effective in working not only with preschoolers or younger students, but also with teenagers and high school students. Moreover, there are psychotherapeutic fairy tales for teachers. Even a simple reading of fairy tales (especially specially created ones) gives an amazing effect and helps a person overcome various life difficulties. Fairy tales are important to child development, both educationally and psychologically, and have been shown to be therapeutically efficacious. O.Breusenko-Kuznetsov, G.Nyzhnyk, D.Sokolov, L.Terletska, N.Tsybulya and others are developing the method of fairy tale therapy in Ukraine. Studies by L.S. Vygotsky, O.V. Zaporozhets, N.S. Karpinskaya showed that a fairy tale is vital to a child, and it is a means for him to know the world around him and himself. In recent literature, fairy tales are often the object the study attracts the attention of representatives of various schools and branches of science, in particular folklorists, literary critics, psychologists, etc. A fairy tale needs a thorough new look using effective tools. In in this regard, the study of issues related to the analysis of fairy tales as a psycho-corrective method of psychological assistance to preschoolers in terms of psychological and pedagogical aspects is appropriate. The research of the above experts is about the possibility use of the method of fairy tale therapy not only in psychological, but also in pedagogical practice for didactic and developmental purposes. As for application of this method in the professional activities of a psychologist, the research on this subject is just beginning to appear on the pages scientific publications. Yes, the possibility and feasibility of using fairy tale therapy in socio-pedagogical practice indicate S. Savchenko, O. Ivanovska, N. Shkarin and others, who consider the fairy tale as a wonderful social pedagogical means of socialization, development and education of personality. At the present stage of development of education the problem of increasing the number of children with behavioral disorders and, accordingly, the problem of preventing and overcoming school non-adaptation, manifested in low performance, deviations from norms of behavior, difficulties in relationships with others. Central in the correctional education of schoolchildren is the optimization of children's activities. The method of fairy tale therapy allows solving a number of problems that arise in children of different ages. The process of fairy tale therapy allows the child to actualize and realize their problems, as well as see different ways to solve them.

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  • Release Date : 2019-12-26
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Genre : History
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Read and Download Elena Goodwin book Translating England into Russian in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TTranslating England into Russian. This book was released on 2019-12-26 with total page 272 pages. Book excerpt: From governesses with supernatural powers to motor-car obsessed amphibians, the iconic images of English children's literature helped shape the view of the nation around the world. But, as Translating England into Russian reveals, Russian translators did not always present the same picture of Englishness that had been painted by authors. In this book, Elena Goodwin explores Russian translations of classic English children's literature, considering how representations of Englishness depended on state ideology and reflected the shifting nature of Russia's political and cultural climate. As Soviet censorship policy imposed restrictions on what and how to translate, this book examines how translation dealt with and built bridges between cultures in a restricted environment in order to represent images of England. Through analysing the Soviet and post-Soviet translations of Rudyard Kipling, Kenneth Grahame, J. M. Barrie, A. A. Milne and P. L. Travers, this book connects the concepts of society, ideology and translation to trace the role of translation through a time of transformation in Russian society. Making use of previously unpublished archival material, Goodwin provides the first analysis of the role of translated English children's literature in modern Russian history and offers fresh insight into Anglo-Russian relations from the Russian Revolution to the present day. This ground-breaking book is therefore a vital resource for scholars of Russian history and literary translation.