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  • Release Date : 2004-01-01
  • Publisher : Soho Press
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Rating : 4.5/5 (694 Download)

Read and Download Edwidge Danticat book Krik? Krak! in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TKrik? Krak!. This book was released on 2004-01-01 with total page 227 pages. Book excerpt: Arriving one year after the Haitian-American's first novel (Breath, Eyes, Memory) alerted critics to her compelling voice, these 10 stories, some of which have appeared in small literary journals, confirm Danticat's reputation as a remarkably gifted writer. Examining the lives of ordinary Haitians, particularly those struggling to survive under the brutal Duvalier regime, Danticat illuminates the distance between people's desires and the stifling reality of their lives. A profound mix of Catholicism and voodoo spirituality informs the tales, bestowing a mythic importance on people described in the opening story, "Children of the Sea," as those "in this world whose names don't matter to anyone but themselves." The ceaseless grip of dictatorship often leads men to emotionally abandon their families, like the husband in "A Wall of Fire Rising," who dreams of escaping in a neighbor's hot-air balloon. The women exhibit more resilience, largely because of their insistence on finding meaning and solidarity through storytelling; but Danticat portrays these bonds with an honesty that shows that sisterhood, too, has its power plays. In the book's final piece, "Epilogue: Women Like Us," she writes: "Are there women who both cook and write? Kitchen poets, they call them. They slip phrases into their stew and wrap meaning around their pork before frying it. They make narrative dumplings and stuff their daughter's mouths so they say nothing more." The stories inform and enrich one another, as the female characters reveal a common ancestry and ties to the fictional Ville Rose. In addition to the power of Danticat's themes, the book is enhanced by an element of suspense (we're never certain, for example, if a rickety boat packed with refugees introduced in the first tale will reach the Florida coast). Spare, elegant and moving, these stories cohere into a superb collection.

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Read and Download Geoff Hamilton book Encyclopedia of Contemporary Writers and Their Works in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TEncyclopedia of Contemporary Writers and Their Works. This book was released on 2010 with total page 433 pages. Book excerpt: Provides a comprehensive overview of the best writers and works of the current English-speaking literary world.

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  • Release Date : 2008
  • Publisher : Dramatists Play Service Inc
  • Genre : Drama
  • Rating : 4.2/5 (233 Download)

Read and Download Charlayne Woodard book Flight in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TFlight. This book was released on 2008 with total page 52 pages. Book excerpt: THE STORY: In 1858, on a plantation in Georgia, a young mother is suddenly sold, leaving behind her husband and their five-year-old son. Through a magical evening of storytelling, music and dance, the enslaved community comes together, not only to

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  • Release Date : 2009-06-16
  • Publisher : Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Rating : 4.8/5 (21 Download)

Read and Download Samuel Beckett book Watt in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TWatt. This book was released on 2009-06-16 with total page 256 pages. Book excerpt: In prose possessed of the radically stripped-down beauty and ferocious wit that characterize his work, this early novel by Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett recounts the grotesque and improbable adventures of a fantastically logical Irish servant and his master. Watt is a beautifully executed black comedy that, at its core, is rooted in the powerful and terrifying vision that made Beckett one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century.

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Read and Download Olga Bezhanova book Intersectional Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TIntersectional Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism. This book was released on 2021-02-15 with total page 243 pages. Book excerpt: Intersectional Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism: Voices from the Margins explores the limitations of the transnationalist approach to feminism and questions the neoliberal emphasis on individual freedom and consumer choice as the central goals of feminist activism. The contributions to the volume discuss such varied topics as fiction by Edwidge Dandicat, Judith Ortiz-Cofer, and Diamela Eltit; visual art of Laura Aguilar and Maruja Mallo; films directed by Lucrecia Martel; a TV series based on a novel by María Dueñas; the art-activism of Ani Ganzala and Zinha Franco; and the philosophical thought of Gloria Anzaldúa. All chapters proceed from the belief in the continued usefulness of intersectionality as a valuable category of critical analysis that is particularly necessary at the time when the effects of neoliberal globalization are undermining many familiar categories of critical inquiry.

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Read and Download Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu book Writing African American Women: K-Z in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TWriting African American Women: K-Z. This book was released on 2006 with total page 508 pages. Book excerpt: "Contributors look at the writers and their works from a feminist-womanist perspective, and address issues relating to race, class, and gender. Topical entries, e.g., "Work," "Protest Tradition," "Religion," "The Use of Myth," and "Memory," provide a rich context for the literature."--Choice review.

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Read and Download Professor Helen C Scott book Caribbean Women Writers and Globalization in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TCaribbean Women Writers and Globalization. This book was released on 2013-04-28 with total page 220 pages. Book excerpt: Caribbean Women Writers and Globalization offers a fresh reading of contemporary literature by Caribbean women in the context of global and local economic forces, providing a valuable corrective to much Caribbean feminist literary criticism. Departing from the trend towards thematic diasporic studies, Helen Scott considers each text in light of its national historical and cultural origins while also acknowledging regional and international patterns. Though the work of Caribbean women writers is apparently less political than the male-dominated literature of national liberation, Scott argues that these women nonetheless express the sociopolitical realities of the postindependent Caribbean, providing insight into the dynamics of imperialism that survive the demise of formal colonialism. In addition, she identifies the specific aesthetic qualities that reach beyond the confines of geography and history in the work of such writers as Oonya Kempadoo, Jamaica Kincaid, Edwidge Danticat, Pauline Melville, and Janice Shinebourne. Throughout, Scott's persuasive and accessible study sustains the dialectical principle that art is inseparable from social forces and yet always strains against the limits they impose. Her book will be an indispensable resource for literature and women's studies scholars, as well as for those interested in postcolonial, cultural, and globalization studies.

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Read and Download Martin Japtok book Postcolonial Perspectives on Women Writers from Africa, the Caribbean, and the US in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TPostcolonial Perspectives on Women Writers from Africa, the Caribbean, and the US. This book was released on 2003 with total page 382 pages. Book excerpt: Combining postcolonial perspectives with race and culture based studies, which have merged the fields of African and black American studies, this volume concentrates on women writers, exploring how the (post) colonial condition is reflected in women's literature. The essays are united by their focus on attempts to create alternative value systems through the rewriting of history or the reclassification of the woman's position in society. By examining such strategies these essays illuminate the diversity and coherence of the postcolonial project.

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  • Release Date : 1994-01-01
  • Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
  • Genre : Florida
  • Rating : 4.0/5 (345 Download)

Read and Download book South Florida Folklife in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TSouth Florida Folklife. This book was released on 1994-01-01 with total page 280 pages. Book excerpt:

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Read and Download Madelaine Hron book Translating Pain in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TTranslating Pain. This book was released on 2009-01-01 with total page 321 pages. Book excerpt: Applying immigrant psychology to literary analysis, Madelaine Hron examines the ways in which different forms of physical and psychological pain are expressed in a wide variety of texts.

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Read and Download Jennifer Donahue book Taking Flight in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TTaking Flight. This book was released on 2020-07-15 with total page 170 pages. Book excerpt: Caribbean women have long utilized the medium of fiction to break the pervasive silence surrounding abuse and exploitation. Contemporary works by such authors as Tiphanie Yanique and Nicole Dennis-Benn illustrate the deep-rooted consequences of trauma based on gender, sexuality, and race, and trace the steps that women take to find safer ground from oppression. Taking Flight examines the immigrant experience in contemporary Caribbean women’s writing and considers the effects of restrictive social mores. In the texts examined in Taking Flight, culturally sanctioned violence impacts the ability of female characters to be at home in their bodies or in the spaces they inhabit. The works draw attention to the historic racialization and sexualization of black women’s bodies and continue the legacy of narrating black women’s long-standing contestation of systems of oppression. Arguing that there is a clear link between trauma, shame, and migration, with trauma serving as a precursor to the protagonists’ emigration, Jennifer Donahue focuses on how female bodies are policed; how moral, racial, and sexual codes are linked; and how the enforcement of social norms can function as a form of trauma. Donahue considers the relationship between trauma, shame, and sexual politics and investigates how shame works as a social regulator that frequently leads to withdrawal or avoidant behaviors in those who violate socially sanctioned mores. Most importantly, Taking Flight positions flight as a powerful counter to disempowerment and considers how flight, whether through dissociation or migration, functions as a form of resistance.

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Read and Download Jana Evans Braziel book The Bloomsbury Handbook to Edwidge Danticat in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Bloomsbury Handbook to Edwidge Danticat. This book was released on 2021-01-28 with total page 464 pages. Book excerpt: Edwidge Danticat's prolific body of work has established her as one of the most important voices in 21st-century literary culture. Across such novels as Breath, Eyes, Memory, Farming the Bones and short story collections such as Krik? Krak! and most recently Everything Inside, essays, and writing for children, the Haitian-American writer has throughout her oeuvre tackled important contemporary themes including racism, imperialism, anti-immigrant politics, and sexual violence. With chapters written by leading and emerging international scholars, this is the most up-to-date and in-depth reference guide to 21st-century scholarship on Edwidge Danticat's work. The Bloomsbury Handbook to Edwidge Danticat covers such topics as: · The full range of Danticat's writing from her novels and short stories to essays, life writing and writing for children and young adults. · Major interdisciplinary scholarly perspectives including from establishing fields fields of literary studies, Caribbean Studies Political Science, Latin American Studies, feminist and gender studies, African Diaspora Studies, , and emerging fields such as Environmental Studies. · Danticat's literary sources and influences from Haitian authors such as Marie Chauvet, Jacques Roumain and Jacques-Stéphen Alexis to African American authors like Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, and Caribbean American writers Audre Lorde to Paule Marshall. · Known and unknown Historical moments in experiences of slavery and imperialism, the consequence of internal and external migration, and the formation of diasporic communities The book also includes a comprehensive bibliography of Danticat's work and key works of secondary criticism, and an interview with the author, as well as and essays by Danticat herself.

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Read and Download Mary Ellen Snodgrass book Edwidge Danticat in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TEdwidge Danticat. This book was released on 2022-05-18 with total page 281 pages. Book excerpt: A comet in the mounting firmament of third-world, non-white, female writers, Edwidge Danticat stands apart. An accomplished trilingual children's and YA author, she is also an activist, op-ed and cinema writer, and keynote speaker. Much of her work introduces the world to the cultural uniqueness of Haiti, the first black republic, and the elements of African heritage, language, and Vodou that continue to color all aspects of the island's art and self-expression. This companion provides an in-depth look into the world and writings of Danticat through A-Z entries. These entries cover both her works and the prevalent themes of her writing, including colonialism, slavery, superstition, adaptation, dreams and coming of age. It also provides a biography of Danticat, a list of 32 aphorisms from her fiction, a guide to the names and histories of the real places in her fiction, lesson planning aids, and a robust glossary offering translations and definitions for the many Creole, French, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, and Taino terms in Danticat's writing.

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Read and Download Nicholas J. Karolides book Reader Response in Secondary and College Classrooms in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TReader Response in Secondary and College Classrooms. This book was released on 2013-04-15 with total page 400 pages. Book excerpt: This text, based on Louise M. Rosenblatt's transactional model of literature, focuses on the application of transactional reader-response theory in the classroom. It grows from frequent requests from secondary school and college teachers for teaching suggestions on how to put theory into practice. This is not a "What should I do on Monday?" cookbook, but an expression of the practice of theory in college and secondary school classrooms. The chapters portray a spectrum of strategies--including biopoems, expressive and imaginative writing, journal writing, readers' theater, role playing, and unsent letters--using as examples individual works from several genres. Recognizing that teachers who may have been trained in other theories and methodologies may be hesitant about their quite different role and expectations in the reader-centered classroom, the authors provide stepping stones to develop readiness and confidence, suggestions, and insights to ease the transition to the transactional model of teaching and learning. Pedagogical features: * An explanatory introduction to each section defines its orientation and describes the content and direction of the chapters it contains. * Invitations elicit engagement of readers with concepts, attitudes, or strategies presented in the chapters; they invite readers, as individuals or members of a small group, to consider ideas or to practice a strategy, among other activities, in order to enhance understandings. * A glossary defines key concepts and strategies discussed in the text. * A bibliography provides an extensive list of resources--books and journal articles--both theoretical and applied. New in the second edition: * Six new chapters--three deal with the roles of film-as-literature in the English classroom, and three with enhancing multicultural understandings. * Updates and revisions to several chapters that appeared in the first edition. * Invitations, new in this edition, have been added to focus and expand readers' thinking.

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Read and Download Celucien L. Joseph book Approaches to Teaching the Works of Edwidge Danticat in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TApproaches to Teaching the Works of Edwidge Danticat. This book was released on 2019-09-20 with total page 366 pages. Book excerpt: Providing an intellectual interpretation to the work of Edwidge Danticat, this new edited collection provides a pedagogical approach to teach and interpret her body of work in undergraduate and graduate classrooms. Approaches to Teaching the Works of Edwidge Danticat starts out by exploring diasporic categories and postcolonial themes such as gender constructs, cultural nationalism, cultural and communal identity, and moves to investigate Danticat’s human rights activism, the immigrant experience, the relationship between the particular and the universal, and the violence of hegemony and imperialism in relationship with society, family, and community. The Editors of the collection have carefully compiled works that show how Danticat’s writings may help in building more compassionate and relational human communities that are grounded on the imperative of human dignity, respect, inclusion, and peace.

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Read and Download Martin Munro book Edwidge Danticat in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TEdwidge Danticat. This book was released on 2010-10-12 with total page 232 pages. Book excerpt: Breath, Eyes, Memory (1994), the novel born from Edwidge Danticat’s childhood in Haiti and immigration to New York City, was one of the great literary debuts of recent times, marking the emergence of an impressive talent in addition to opening up an entire culture to a broad general readership. This gifted author went on to win the American Book Award in 1999 for her novel, The Farming of Bones (1998), attracting further critical acclaim. Offering an accessible guide for readers and critics alike, this book is the first publication devoted entirely to Danticat’s unique and remarkable work. It is also distinctive in that it addresses all of her published writing up to The Dew Breaker (2004), including her writing for children, her travel writing, her short fiction, and her novels. The book contains an exclusive interview with Danticat, in which she discusses her recent memoir, Brother, I’m Dying (2007), winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award. It also includes an extensive bibliography. With contributions from Danticat’s fellow creative writers from both the Caribbean and the United States as well as leading scholars of Caribbean literature, this collection of essays aims to enrich readers’ understanding of the various geographical, literary, and cultural contexts of her work and to demonstrate how it both influences and is influenced by them. Contributors Madison Smartt Bell * Myriam J. A. Chancy * Maryse Condé * J. Michael Dash * Charles Forsdick * Mary Gallagher * Régine Michelle Jean-Charles * Carine Mardorossian * Nadève Ménard * Martin Munro * Nick Nesbitt * Mireille Rosello * Renee H. Shea * Évelyne Trouillot * Lyonel Trouillot * Kiera Vaclavik

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Read and Download Donna Bailey Nurse book What's a Black Critic to Do? in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TWhat's a Black Critic to Do?. This book was released on 2009 with total page 209 pages. Book excerpt: This collection of profiles, interviews, essays and reviews on such well-known writers as Ken Burns, Dionne Brand, Austin Clarke and Edwidge Danticat constitutes a frank conversation on the significance of race in the work of contemporary Black artists.